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754 French Hussars, 4th Regiment

Officer, Eagle-Bearer, Trumpeter
755 French Hussars, 4th Regiment

Three Troopers
756 French Hussars, 7th Regiment

Officer, Eagle Bearer, Trumpeter
757 French Hussars, 7th Regiment

Three Troopers
C-2013 Zulu War 1879 - The British Army 24th Regiment of Foot
XMAS12 2012 Christmas Set: the Retreat from Moscow, 1812

Fusilier Line, Cuirassier, Officer w/Eagle, Dragoon, Hussar, Lancer of the 1st Polish Garde.
Sold Out!
XMAS11 French Infantry, Head of Column, 1814-15

Officer, Standard-Bearer, 2nd Port-Aigle,
3rd Port Aigle Sapeur & Drummer in Imperial Livery
Sold Out!
XMAS06 "The Rearguard"
The French Army retreat from Russia, 1812

Marshal Ney, an Eagle-Bearer, a Chasseur, a Guard Grenadier and two Infantry Privates
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XMAS05 Marlborough's Infantry, 1702-1711
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Limited quantities available!
Sold Out!
XMAS04 "Christmas Set 2004"
The French Foreign Legion
1er Regiment Legion Etranger, circa 1980s
The regiment is today stationed at Quartier Viennot i Aubagne

Available only until December 31st, 2004!
Sold Out!

"Christmas Set 2003"
French Eagles, Retreat From Moscow

A companion set to the 2001 Christmas set. A crucial turning point in French Military history has been dramatically captured in this Christmas set. From left to right: French Eagle-Bearers of Line Infantry, Line Infantry, Line Infantry. Line Chasseurs a Cheval, Grenadier of the Guard & Line Infantry, all in campaign dress.

Production ceases December 31st, 2003!

Sold Out!


"Christmas Set 2002"
1/95th Rifles - Officer & 5 Riflemen

Sculpted by Charles C. Stadden and based on James Beadle painting of " The Rearguard" depicting the retreat to Corunna/Vigo in 1809. The 95th Rifles were part of the Elite Light Brigade commanded by General "Black Bob" Craufurd. They served with distinction throughout the Napoleonic Wars.

Production ceases December 31st, 2002!

Sold Out!


"Christmas Set 2001"
The Retreat From Moscow, 1812

Napoleon and his Staff. The six figures in the set are (from left to right): a General Officer, Marshal Murat, Napoleon, Marshal Bessieres, an Aide-de-Camp and a General of Cuirassiers.

Limited Edition of 155!

Sold Out!


"Danjou's Last Stand"

Three French Foreign Legionnaires in their last stand against five Mexican rebels.

Highly Limited Production!

Sold Out!


"The Spoils of War"

An episode in the Peninsular Campaign depicting a group of Napoleon's neb carousing w/a camp follower, and sporting their victor's spoils.

Highly Limited Production!


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