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TSMF191 Toy Soldier Issue 191: April 2014
Never on Monday!
Queen Victoria in Miniature
Toys Go to War
I Love a Parade!
Ancient China's Three Kingdoms
Medieval Tournament Knights
So Much More!
US $8.50
TSMF189 Toy Soldier Issue 189: February 2014
East Coast Show Returns
Cresco Convergence
The Bicycle in War and Peace
Exploring the Miniature Flat World of Plassenburg
Lance Leader's Composition Creations
Zulu War
So Much More!
US $8.50
TSMF188 Toy Soldier Issue 188: January 2014
King & Country Unveils Alamo Plastics
Special Christmas Releases
War of 1812 British 8th Foot
French Foreign Legion
Battle of Agincourt
Waco Glider Wreckage
German Tiger Tanks
So Much More!
US $8.50
TSMF187 Toy Soldier Issue 187: December 2013
Battle of Leuthen
ARW Washington's Life Guard
WWII Soviet Red Army
West Point's Parade of Military Dioramas
OMSS On Parade 2013
Highlander Kits
So Much More!
US $8.50
TSMF186 Toy Soldier Issue 186: November 2013
Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
Collector's Story
Displays & Dioramas
Toy Soldiers Come Home
Votes for Women
Bill Imrie's Early Work
So Much More!
US $8.50
TSMF185 Toy Soldier Issue 185: October 2013
Upstate NY Battlefields
Revisiting Ticonderoga
Battles of Saratoga
WWI British Tommies
Highlanders Forever!
John Niblett's Mini-Warriors
Minimen's US Cavalry
W. Britains Replicates Classics
Civil War Personalities by K&C
So Much More!
US $8.50
TSMF184 Toy Soldier Issue 184: September 2013
Bicentennial of Fort Meigs Siege
Toy Troops Take Texas
Indoor Dioramas
Caesarian Romans
Gettysburg Collectibles
WWII German Doodlebug
Marlburian Period Plastics
1/6th Scale Winston Churchill
Building & Painting Busts
So Much More!
US $8.50
TSMF183 Toy Soldier Issue 183: August 2013
WWI's Fall of Eagles
Battle of York Bicentennial
Hartford Armoury's Toy Soldier Army
War of 1812 in Miniature
Hobbyists Forage at Valley Forge
Springtime in Paradise
British Model Solider Society Annual Show
Plastic Collectors' Conclave
Battle of Agincourt
Osen Takes Helm at W. Britain
Ancient Nile Papyrus Boats
Claudian Invasion War Elephants
Landsknecht Artillery
Revolutionary Iroquois
1/6th Gurkha of the Falklands War
So Much More!
US $8.50
TSMF182 Toy Soldier Issue 182: July 2013
Greek Hoplites from First Legion
K&C's New Pathfinders & American Indians
Cowboys by Black Hawk
Collectors Showcase's Latest Polish Lancers
Delhi Durbar by Beau Geste
1/6th WWII Soviet Aerosan
Kit Pirate
Plastic Parade
So Much More!
US $8.50
TSMF181 Toy Soldier Issue 181: June 2013
Share the Hobby!
Knight Work
West Coaster Show
Knights of Agincourt
Waterloo Blues
Small World
Battle of Rorke's Drift
WWI US Doughboys & Bands
WWII Eastern Front
British RAF "Dambusters"
Kit ARW Continental
Roman Hadrian's Wall Playset
1/6th George C. Scott as Patton
So Much More!
US $8.50
TSMF179 Toy Soldier Issue 179: April 2013
W. Britain's 120th Anniversary Life Guards
Trophy Talk
Yellow Rose of Texas
Prussian Army Band Project
Hocker's Boxer Rebellion Range
WWII Italian Askaris by K&C
TCS Napoleonic French Infantry
ACW Plastics
More K&C Custer's Last Stand
Build & Paint Diorama
1/6th WWII German
So Much More!
US $8.50
TSMF177 Toy Soldier Issue 177: February 2013
AeroArt St. Petersburg Collection
Jacobite Rebellion
Edmund's Diamond Jubilee
Barely Possible
Tradition Shop Closing
Custer's Last Stand by K&C
First Legion's Death of Marshal Lannes
Barzo Playsets' 20th Anniversary
Build & Paint Indian Cavalryman
So Much More!
US $8.50
TSMF176 Toy Soldier Issue 176: January 2013
2012 Chicago Show
Christmas Releases
Gettysburg Diorama
Beton Indian Story
Young Bonaparte at Toulon
Williamsburg Weekend
Euro Militaire
Heyde Collectors
1903 Delhi Durbar
Vietnam War 1st Air Vacalry
French Camel Corps
So Much More!
US $8.50
TSMF169 Toy Soldier Issue 169: June 2012
This issue includes a great article on W. Britain making the
Queen's Diamond Jubilee, as well as a fantastic pull out
centerfold and all the other favourites of TS&MF!
US $8.50
TSMF168 Toy Soldier Issue 168: May 2012
Small world, big stories
Zoological Paradise
Ruby's Treasure
Ceremonial King's Troop
WWII Desert Scots Guards
So Much More!
US $8.50
TSMF167 Toy Soldier Issue 167: April 2012
Meeting a Legend
Ticonderoga 1758
Building Backdrops
Little Round Top
Danger UXB!
So Much More!
US $8.50
TSMF166 Toy Soldier Issue 166: March 2012
Egyptian-Themed Special Section
The One That Got Away
Confederate Generals
Death of Ponsonby
So Much More!
US $8.50

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